IN THE RUINS OF BAALBECK STUDIOS / بين هياكل ستوديو بعلبك


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IN THE RUINS OF BAALBECK STUDIOS - 16mm & Super 8 - 48min - 2017
Lebanese cinema has seen a rapid development taking advantage of the nationalization of the Egyptian cinema by Nasser when the Egyptian producers and directors moved to Lebanon to shoot their films in its lands. Lebanon was the capital of cinema and followed the Hollywood example for the region. Studio Baalbeck was one of the few studios in Lebanon, it celebrated the release of the Lebanese cinema. It formed part of the legacy of film and music to Lebanon, it played also a prominent role in the foundation of the Lebanese identity, because it witnessed many Lebanese, Arab and foreign films in the period between the sixties and nineties of the last century. We can consider this studio a real Lebanese museum for cinema.