09.01.1984 in Beirut, Lebanon

Living and working between Beirut and Berlin since 2009



2003/2008 ............ Masters in cinema studies and film directing,

                                Lebanese Academy of fine Arts ALBA, Beirut, Lebanon

2002 ...................... Baccalauréat Français, Beirut, Lebanon


Exhibitions (selection)

2019 Walking Through Walls, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin 

2018 Bakhtak, Performance installation, Intervisions, Hamburg

2018 Symphony of a Construction Site, Humboldt Forum, Berlin 

2017 Kino Lux, Haus der Architektur, Cologne, Germany

2017 City Symphony, Art-lab Berlin, Germany

2016 Irak on Moon, Intervisions #3 Cosmos America, Ball Haus Ost, Berlin, Germany

2016 Höhenrausch, Eigen Art Lab, Berlin, Germany

2015/16 I Spy with my little eye, Mosaic Rooms, London / Casa Arabe, Madrid & Cordoba

2015 Kino Hollywood, Northern Spark Festival, Minneapolis MN, USA

2015 Art & Archives, Office de tourism - Beirut, Lebanon

2015 Creme de la creme (Solo), Gepäckausgabe Kunstverein, Glarus, Switzerland

2015 Where When What Why, Group Exhibition, M29 Richter . Brückner, Cologne, Germany

2015 Milk Bar Oasis (Solo), Matjö – Raum für Kunst- Art & Archives, Cologne, Germany

2014 And all together now, Editions, M29 Richter . Brückner, Cologne, Germany

2014 Passé Simple Futures Composés images en contre champs, centre 104 Paris, France

2014 Sommer Frische Kunst, Werkstatt, Badgastein, Austria

2014 Golden Rush Video Works by Ashkal Alwan in Metropolis cinema Beirut; Lebanon

2013 Journeys through our heritage exhibition, Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon

2013 Kino Apollo at SBB Areal, Zürich; Switzerland

2013 The White sheets of Berlin, with Rabih Mroue Hebbel Theater, Berlin

2011/12 'Museum as a Hub', BAC, New Museum, New York, USA

2011 I.C.S.P , New York curated by 98 weeks, New York, USA

2011 Kino Adriano, Museo Nitsch & Lanificio25, with the Goethe Institut Naples; Italy

2010 TRIO a study on horses in the city, installation, Visual Art Damascus, Syria

2010 Illinx #1 Launch, screening and artist talk, ProQM Berlin

2010 98weeks SOUK, No Soul for Sale Exhibition, Tate Modern, London; UK

2009 Hamburger never dies; Subvision, Hamburg, Germany

2009 Kino Skarpa, Fenix Cities, Raster Galery; Warsaw , Poland

2009 Kino Vendome, Mar Mkhael, 98weeks, Beirut , Lebanon 


Screenings (selection)

2018 Berlinale, Forum Expanded, Berlin  

2018 Doc Fest Sheffield, England

2018 Cairo Cinema Days, Egypt

2017 BBC Arabic, Alternative cinema, London / Broadcast

2016 Kino Kolle, Hopfe, Leipzig, Germany

2016 Videoex Guest City Beirut, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 One Immaterial Collection, Beirut Art Center, Lebanon

2015 Huna/k, NRW Dortmund, Germany

2015 Speise Kino, Orient Heat, ZK/U Berlin, Germany

2014 Passe Simple Futures Composes images en contre champs, centre 104 Paris, France

2013 Il faut Bruler pour briller platforme de perf. planetaire, Paris, France

2013 Videoex, Architektur im Experimental Film, Zürich; Switzerland

2013 Vitrine Bermondsey Square, Another screening on Beirut, London

2013 BBC Arabic, Alternative cinema, London / Broadcast

2012 Rencontres Inter. Paris Berlin Madrid , BAC, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 Oberhausen kurz Film Tage, Germany / International Distribution

2012 Screening, Arab film festival Berlin, Germany

2011 Rotterdam film Festival and visual art Damascus

2011 I.C.S.P , New York curated by 98 weeks, New York

2011 Video Works by Ashkal Alwan in Metropolis cinema Beirut; Lebanon 


Projects in collaboration (selection)

2019 The Art Of The Deal, Franziska Pierwoß, a mini series of 4 episodes, Film Editor, Berlin, DE/USA  

2018 Technik Des Glücks, A Franz Jung Revue, Film visuals for Stage, Hebel Theater, HAU 2, Berlin, DE

2018 Capture Be & BE , Workshop tutor, experimental sounds & music, Humboldt Forum, Laut Exihbition, Berlin DE    

2017 Color Club -Diaries of Light Workshop tutor, Super8 hand processing , Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin, DE

2017 Unterwegs Workshop tutor, 35mm photography with Asylum seekers, Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin, DE

2016 Color Club Workshop tutor, Super8 hand processing, Raster Beton & GFZK & D21, Leipzig, DE

2016 Color Club Workshop tutor, Super8 hand processing, Atelier de l'observatoir, Casablanca Morocco

2016 Pomegrenade Video Clip, Mikala Hyldig Dal, Cinematography, Berlin, Germany

2015/16 Terra Nova, Constanze Fischbeck & Sascha Bunge, Cinematography, Berlin, Germany

2015 Who's Afraid? , Mikala Hyldig Dal, Cinematography, Berlin, Germany

2015 Videonale 15, curator of "the revolutionary" screening, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany

2014 Staats•theater #5 Beirut Daniel Kötter & Constanze Fischbeck, Cinematography, Beirut LB

2013 Color Club Workshop tutor, Super8 hand processing, BeirutArtCenter Mansion, Beirut, LB

2013 The Ugly One feature film, Assistant director, written by Masao Adachi, directed by Eric Baudelaire

2012 White wall, Curator, Graffiti show Beirut Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon

2012 Color Club Workshop tutor, Super8 and 16mm hand processing in collaboration with Labor Berlin

2011 Studio Baalbeck film Archive, restoration, more then 560 rolls of 35&16mm reported, UMAM

2011 The Anabasis of May Fusako, Masao Adachi and 27 years without images, assistant director



2018 Civitella Ranieri foundation, July & August, Umbria, Italy

2015 Gepäck Ausgabe, 21st April to 1st May Kunst Haus Glarus, Switzerland

2015 FD13 Residency, June and July, in Mineapolis USA

2015 Art & Archive residency 1st of April to 30th of June, Cologne, Germany

2014 Sommer Frische Kunst 27th June to 27th July Art residency Badgastein, Austria

2014 Beirut Film Station 1st of February to 31st of March, Beirut, Lebanon 



2018 Research Grant from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin  

2016 Cultural Resource Production Awards Program

2016 Visual Arts Grant  from the Kultur Amt der Stadt Köln

2014 Video Works - Video Grant - Ashkal Alwan 

2011 Video Works - Video Grant - Ashkal Alwan 


Videography (selection)

2017 In the ruins of Baalbeck Studios -  Super8 & 16mm on high definition - 47min

2015 Die Gespenterei 2 - 16mm on high definition - 6min

2014 A tragic tale of fire, water, and radon - Super8 on high definition - 3min

2013 Golden rush - Super8 & 16mm on high definition - 40min

2012 Visit to the white house - Double channel Super 8 on high definition - 3min  

2011 E.D.L - Super8 on video - 21min

2009 Trio a study on horses in the city - double channel digital video - 15min 



Enter - Magazine - featuring the Kino Project -Slovakia 2019

Archiving, Presering, and Accessing Film... - Publication featuring the Kino Project Saavy Contemporary, Berlin 2018  

Imago Mundi - It´s Always Been - Lebanese Contemporary Artists  - Himmel Fahrt, Lebanon, Italy 2018

Lux Kino - Poster program  -  Cologne Germany 2017  

I spy with my little eye, catalogue Mosaic rooms, London, 2016

NS Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln Jahresbericht 2015

Ten views from EDL, Artist book, + Tape Music for EDL, Beirut -Berlin Lebanon Germany 2015

Milk Bar Oasis Leaflet, Berlin-Cologne-Beirut 2015  

Kino Apollo - Poster program - Zurich Switzerland 2013 

Peeping Tom Digest #3 Beirut, Paris France 2013

Arabic Graffiti, From here to Fame, En. Ar. Fr. versions, Berlin Germany 2011

How to make nice things happen #0, 98weeks publications, Beirut Lebanon 2010

Kino Vendome, limited artist book, Siska, Beirut Lebanon 2009